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What is Coaching? Coaching is different from consulting.
What is Coaching?

Coaching is a profession which has synthesized the best from psychology, business, evolution, philosophy, spirituality and finance to benefit the entrepreneur, professional and business owner.

Coaching is different from consulting, counseling or psychotherapy. Coaching is far more personal and broader in scope than consulting and is committed to all aspects of a person's life. Unlike counseling or therapy, a coach does not deal with "emotional problems" or "past issues," but works with an already highly functional person who wants to go beyond the average to have an extraordinary life. The coach is a highly trained mentor/success partner who provides the tools and guidance to help clients design and create their personal and business lives the way they really want them to be.

Something amazing happens when people partner to look at situations normally handled alone. Issues get handled more quickly, better decisions get made with a lot less struggle and effort. That is the power of coaching!

What I Do as a Coach.....

1.) LISTEN- I listen fully to what you say, what you are trying to say, what you are not saying and what you are up against from your point of view.

2.) PARTNER WITH YOU- I make of myself an objective observer. I try to ask all the right questions to give you a better view of where you want to go and why.

3.) ENDORSE- After you take on a big challenge or find yourself in uncharter territory, you need an outside voice of endorsement, compassion and encouragement.

4.) CHALLENGE- My challenge to you is this: be successful, healthy, have a stronger financial and emotional enjoy life right now, not after "things work out." To these ends, I make bold requests. I ask for your best.

How Coaching Works.

Coaching works when there are two factors present:

1.) You are ready and willing to grow.

2.) There is a gap between where you are now and where you want to be.

I work with clients on getting clear about what they really want as opposed to desperately trying to get more and more of what they don't want. I work with clients on cleaning up all the things they are tolerating. I work with clients and partner with them to find ways to clear up procrastinations and incompletions. I work to help clients find ways of simplifying their life dramatically.

As a coach, I find that a big part of my focus is to simply encourage clients to follow their hearts, trust their minds, exercise their intuition and to just, go for it!! Even in this day and time, clients need encouragement to take risks. But once they get going in the right direction, they become self-motivating.

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